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How to return as a re-admitted student

If you attended Columbia College but haven't been enrolled for six consecutive sessions (or longer), you'll need to re-apply for admission. If you're seeking re-admission after a suspension or disciplinary action, you'll need to re-apply for admission too. Here's how you start back up:

  1. Re-apply for undergraduate admission
  2. Submit transcripts from any college attended after Columbia College
  3. Contact the admissions office to see if you must re-submit transcripts from previous years of study

Students seeking re-admission after a suspension or disciplinary action will also be required to pay any balances and provide a letter requesting consideration for re-admission. For additional information about readmission after suspension, contact the Admissions Office at 573-875-7352 or

Will my credits from elsewhere transfer to Columbia College?

You can learn more from the Registrar about how transcript evaluation works and how to submit transcripts.

Which catalog do I use?

You are assigned automatically to the most current catalog year, although you may choose to use your previous catalog year as long as it is from fewer than eight years ago. Students who enrolled in the Service Members Opportunity College (SOC) Program are exempt from the eight-year rule.

To switch catalogs or find out which is best for you, consult with your academic advisor.

Can I get back into my program?

Yes, as long as the College actively offers your program and you continue to meet the admission requirements.


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